Lian Pum Fambawl

Lian has a Bachelor of Religious Education from Indiana Wesleyan Seminary (Florence, KY). He previously served four years with a Burmese organization in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and for five years was employed with Associated Language Consultants (ALC). He has been serving the Chin community in Northern Kentucky since the beginning of 2016, including as a social worker at Calvary Chin Baptist Church in Crescent Springs, Kentucky.


Thla Kam

Thla Kam
Thla has served as a church chairman at Arizona Chin Church since 2016.

Assistant Secretary

Run Hmung

Run Hmung
Run has served as Secretary at a Chin church in Pennsylvania since 2015.

Vice Chairman

Tial Lap Lian

Tial earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Burma. He owns and runs a sushi business in Battle Creek, Michigan.


Cung B Thawng

Cung owns and runs a sushi business in Dallas, Texas and also serves as a deacon at a Chin church in Dallas. 

Assistant Treasurer

Thawng Lian

Thawng Lian

Thawng serves as a chairman at United Pentecostal Church in Indianapolis.


Advisor to Board of Members

Adam Maarschalk

Adam has been working with the Chin community in Northern Kentucky since early 2016. He previously worked with Somali, Karen, and Bhutanese refugees in Minnesota through two organizations: [1] International Village (St. Paul) and [2] SALT (Minneapolis). He is certified in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and from 2003 – 2007 he taught English in Malaysia. He is fluent in the Malay language, which is known (at some level) by many of the Chin refugees living in Northern Kentucky.

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