Past Projects

November 2018: We provided 500,000 Myanmar Kyats ($314 USD) for students staying at the Tikir Hostel in Tikir Village next to Sialam Village.

August 2018: We purchased a computer and printer for the people of Sialam Village ($705 USD).

2015-2018: We covered 5,000,000 Kyats ($3,144 USD) in hospital costs for villagers living in Sialam who traveled to various locations for medical treatment.

Current and Upcoming Projects

Many of the farmers have to walk 1-2 hours to reach their farm lands, and the village is running out of land to use for farming. 



USA Sialam Organization plans to help the villagers:

  • breed animals for food
  • raise/sell animals (cows, pigs, etc.), including to India
  • with education and school supplies
  • with medical needs and more nurses (and to minimize deaths from malaria, appendicitis, etc.; a medical center and ambulance(s)
  • enjoy better roads and transportation
  • to pay the pastors of three churches in the village
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